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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 27, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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one of d.c.'s most popular tourist attractions is again a major spectacle today but the washington monument is not open for visitors. instead, professional climbing crews are scaling the monument searching for damage caused by last month's earthquake. this is a site you do not often see. we go live to the national mall
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for more on this precise process. >> good afternoon. not something you see every day and not something you are likely to see any time soon. i want to show you what has people stopping and turning their eyes to the sky. a man getting ready to rappelled down the side of the washington monument all in a day's work here there will eventually be four guys out here, all professional climbers, task with taking note of every chip and crack left behind by last month's quake. >> for taurus stopping to snap a picture, it is not really the iconic structure they are looking to capture. >> every now and then, you see somebody doing a job and you think that is a job you would not want. >> a man hanging 550 feet in the air. >> it is to amazing. i cannot imagine how brave that person is. >> professional climbers will be settling down the national monument for the next several days, surveying the damage to
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the exterior from the earthquake that rocked the region last month. >> these people are trained to detect whether there is a crack that could eventually spent -- expand later on. that type of inspection has to be made. >> the climbers have to climb over every stone, every piece of chip mortar, taking inventory of the damage and the best way to repair it. another job for the high climbing crew, but a treat for some tourists. as of now the monument is set to remain closed indefinitely. they have already spent about $207,000 to repair the damage that was done just to the inside. the number is expected to climb as these crews continue to assess the damage done to the exterior later on today. >> unbelievable to see that. thanks for that report. turning out to the weather more rainy weather expected this
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afternoon. we go to the weather center for a first look at the forecast. >> we are looking at a few breaks in the clouds to the rest of us. those breaks could lead to the potential for some stronger storms later this afternoon. we have the heaviest activity across central pennsylvania. just a few storms beginning to pop up, or showers, and should say. look at the temperatures. 75 degrees at dulles and reagan national airport. 73 in cumberland but there is cooler air across the midwest and it is on its way to our area. >> sounds good. thanks so much for that. a second time in nine months, and federal shutdown has been averted, at least for now. >> the motion is agreed to. >> late last night the senate voted 79-12 to give the federal government funded until
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november. bill does not include money for fema because it was found that there is enough funding to get through the fiscal year. later this week the house is expected to sign off on that bill. happening right now testimony is under way in the trial of carmela de la rosa, who is charged with throwing her granddaughter from a parking lot balcony last year. the child later died. what can you tell us? >> a whole lot happened this morning, but not a lot related to the actual case. the witness, a very unusual sequence of events. first, the defender was not wearing an outfit that was acceptable to her attorneys. that may have been her prison uniform here we are not sure because we did not see it. but she had to go back to the jail to change because there are cameras in the courtroom. then, for an undisclosed reason, they took a recess and has moved into another courtroom and said the first one would be unavailable for 48 hours.
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she came back into the second courtroom wearing a different tack than the one she wore after her first change, and her lawyer rub her shoulders seeming to comfort her appeared not five minutes later she left the courtroom again. what we do expect to see today is the defense arguing that she was insane at the time of the crime. we also expect the jury to see a tape of her first interview with police after the crime was committed, and finally we expect to see surveillance video of the actual event. for updates on all of that, to and in to abc 7 news at 5:00. thanks for the -- >> thanks for that break down. 5 people were hurt when a metro bus collided with a car. this happened at 8:30 this morning in southeast washington. a spokesperson said the passengers injuries are not life-threatening. also, we are learning more about the search of a southwest airlines flight last night.
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just after 7:00, authorities ordered passengers off the plane so they could search for an object that raised the concerns of the airline. federal agents did not find anything suspicious. the flight was delayed by an hour. turning to developing news from libya, abc news learned a huge stockpile of missiles has disappeared. 20,000 portable heat seeking missiles are missing. officials believe terrorist might get their hands on weapons and could use them to target american planes. today, the u.s. security council 1 other weapons -- warned of other weapons that ousted leader gaddafi had. hearing arguments in the amanda knox case. her lawyer says knox is a loving a woman and was amateur at the time her roommate was killed in 2007. knox is expected to address the
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court in coming days. one of the last people to seeking a pop before he died is on trial today. dr. conrad murray is believed to be responsible for administering the drug cocktail believed to be responsible for michael jackson's death. >> good afternoon. this high profile cases getting under way right now in los angeles. the jurors -- seven men and five women -- are being seated. michael jackson's parents and siblings are also there. this is just day one of a trial expected to last more than a month and attract global attention. >> a trial more than two years in the making is now under way. the prosecution will argue murray administered a deadly combination of drugs to jackson including and powerful sleeping aid used in hospitals as an anesthetic for surgery. >> every doctor i talked to a shock it was in a home. after mentioned you did not have
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trained personnel or the proper equipment. a prosecution must explain how outrageous it was to have this powerful drug in the home. >> the child could be the first time -- the trial could be the first time in the public hears mary's account. did anybody with is what happened? >> the doctor has been the only one year. >> but attorneys for murray will focus on jackson's health, suggesting that the prime star himself was responsible for his own debt. >> we have a good case. i am optimistic about the quality of our case, optimistic about what is going to happen. hopeful. >> choreographer kenny ortega, who was working with jackson on his concert will be the first on standard also jackson's two eldest children who watched the paramedics tried to resuscitate their father. this trial will be televised and broadcast on line, and of the children are called to testify
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whether or not the cameras will be focused directly on them is still unclear. if convicted murray could spend up to four years in prison. >> thanks for that. we are following breaking news where another child has apparently drowned in a bathtub. firefighters responded to a home and when they arrive, they found it 3-year-old unconscious. we learned of a similar situation in prince george's county. investigators have not identified the girl or said how she died and there's still no word on any charges in this case. when we continue, good news finally for northern virginia communities devastated by weeks of tropical storms and heavy flooding. plus on the gop campaign trail. why the donald is becoming a
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7 is on your side now with a major announcement from the maryland health department. officials proposed a ban on the sell of crib bumpers pads. in may the pads that line the perimeter of cribs were declared a hazard after studies linked them to asphyxia and death in infants. the ban would take effect in 2013. turning now to the gop presidential race, one front runner is retooling his campaign while others are putting in face time with a man who was once considering a run himself. this comes as speculation runs rampant surrounding another potential candidate. there are the iowa caucuses the new hampshire primary, and now, the tour de trump with mitt romney the latest candidate to pay homage to the donald. >> we hit it off very well, i
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will say, i think even better than i had anticipated. >> that is an upgrade from trumbull earlier said mitt romney did not resonate with voters. the new picture treatment was different than the full photo and full he departed from through for sarah palin. michele bachmann is due to visit trump a second time, and herman cain is scheduled next week. >> he really struck a chord with some republican voters. donald trump dow -- now does have an audience in the republican party. >> repair still leads mitt romney, the -- rick perry still leads mitt romney, even though he is down from his rocky debate showing. >> with all due respect, it was not up to primetime. >> chris christie may make plans clear in his speech tonight at the ronald reagan library. as for the official candidates,
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and roanoke college bowl of virginia voters shows mitt romney leading president obama in the commonwealth. president trailed rick perry by 2%. kohl has a margin of error of 4%. some prince william county residents whose homes were destroyed by heavy downpours and flooding now have a new place to live. the displaced residents who once lived in hawley acres mobile home park in woodbridge have found alternate housing. that is according to officials here about 70 homes were ruined. we're just getting more rain, it seems like. later on this afternoon,, we get will depend on whether or not we get thunderstorms' pierre not out of the woods yet. chesapeake beach maryland, quiet and dry, but the clouds continue to hold tough. hopefully a few clicks of sunshine as we move through the afternoon hours and into the
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early evening hours. now we're looking at less than 12 hours of daylight. the day is continuing to get shorter by about two minutes a day. 75 degrees is the current to venture at reagan national airport. he did what level still in the lower 70's. wintergreen, virginia, at 61 degrees. since midnight, they have had 0.6 inches of rain and, nearly half an inch of rain in frederick, maryland. temperatures across the board holding in the lower to middle 70's. martinsburg and winchester both at 77 degrees. 75 at dulles. temperatures off to the west slightly cooler, and this is the air mass that will eventually make its way to our area. chicago has had rain and clouds for the past four or five days. to what levels, as you can see up and down the east coast holding in the 70's, but relief
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on the way. here is the spin in the atmosphere. that area of low pressure will slowly start to drift toward the east. in pennsylvania they have flash flood warnings appeared nothing like that for us, but our skies will begin to clear up over the next couple of hours or so. widely scattered showers out to the west of us not adding up to much right now but changes are on the way. 78 to 83 degrees for a daytime high. look for showers and storms to pop up later this afternoon. scattered showers and storms in the forecast for the overnight hours. upper 50's across the potomac highlands and the shenandoah valley. mid-60's closer to the district. daytime highs, in mid to upper 70's. here's the extended outlook. cooler air, a little bit of sunshine -- it is on the way. look at saturday. -60's. that is a taste of bethesda.
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we could be looking at a little bit of patchy frost as soon as sunday morning., your source for the weather. >> good to know we will have good weather for a taste of bethesda. shifting our focus to sports now, it came down to the final seconds, but last night's redskins-cowboys game ended with a heartbreaking loss in dallas. >> cowboys got it. >> the quarterback was sacked and fumbled on the final drop of the game. final score 18-16 cowboys peer the quarterback had a somber tone as he looked ahead to this weekend. >> we were in good position with about 48 seconds left. we just needed about 25 yards. could not convert. we are going to have to swallow
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this one and regroup and get back and go to st. louis. >> the skins cowboys, giants are all now tied. the skins face the zero-three rams. coming up, most of us deal with it every day, but how much of our life and hard earned cash are we wasting in traffic? and later -- >> i have a confession to make. i have a major hang up with food, and as some of you do as well. how we can overcome these issues and what does what we eat say about who we are. >> whoever wants to it you can put it in your mouth, and anyone who feels it is incredibly bitter, raise your hand. all right, let's go. [laughter]
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>> they serve their country but are now looking for work. one of the largest military- sponsored career fairs is taking place in northwest d.c.. the military officers association of america is hosting the event at the washington convention center. organizers hope to help service members transition from military to civilian career. the fair is open until 3:00 this afternoon. with gas prices still high, more commuters are choosing to buy up to work and the district is responding. the city is joining forces with the washington area bicyclist association to install three
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dozen new bike racks appear the department of transportation has set up more than 2000 bike racks across the city. traffic congestion in our region is worse than ever before, and that is adding up to lost time and money for thousands of commuters. a new urban mobility report shows d.c. has the worst rush- hour congestion in the country. drivers on average waist about 74 hours while they are stuck in traffic, about four hours more than last year. coming up after this break a final look at the forecast.
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million took the top slot there. ricki lake as you can see there and "dancing with the stars. lake and her partner received the highest marks last night. we will find out who will be eliminated and added 8:00 live here on abc 7. also some scandalous controversy surrounding nancy grace and the wardrobe malfunction, allegedly. >> good show though. all right are you ready for a little bit of a change in our forecast for the upcoming weekend? cooler drier air on the way but meantime, we have to deal with humid conditions, warm temperatures. temperatures around 80 degrees
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here the chance for showers will start to diminish as we had through thursday and friday, and by saturday and sunday, only in the mid-'60s's., we have an interesting blog about one of the largest pumpkins. time lapse on how it has grown from a couple of pounds to now over 1,000 pounds. check it out. >> that sounds pretty cool. thank you for being with us.
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